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My One And Only Love

I Just Called To Say I Love You

Freedom Jazz Dance

W Małym Kinie

Then I'll Be Tired Of You

Very Early

Myrczek & Tomaszewski

The project is created by young, yet already recognized jazz artists – Wojciech Myrczek (vocalist) and Pawel Tomaszewski (pianist). The strength of the duo lies in collaboration of two individuals who exude charisma, musical ingenuity and attention to every sonic detail. They engage in a musical dialogue not refraining from ambitious song or crazy improvisation, always adding a touch of humor. During their dialogue, artists perform jazz and pop standards that in their interpretation gain a previously unknown form of musical sound.

The duet released their “Love Revisited” album in autumn 2014. The record and concerts were enthusiastically received by Polish and European audience.

The artists presented their music in prestigious concert halls such as Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, Saint Petersburg Conservatory, Roma Theater in Warsaw, and Institut Finlandais in Paris. They also performed on stages of various festivals: Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa, Lodz Philharmonic Festival Colors of Poland, Jazz on the Odra, Piano Jazz Festival in Kalisz, Sofia Jazz Peak Festival in Bulgaria, Celje International Jazz Festival in Slovenia and many more.

Michael Urbaniak - “It’s incredible, that two musicians recorded such a colorful and diverse album, which sounds like symphonic orchestra and big-band - all in one. On the other hand, I couldn’t expect any different of Myrczek & Tomaszewski.”

Urszula Dudziak - “Vocalist Wojtek Myrczek is a wonderful discovery for me. I can listen to him all the time, because his singing brings alleviation. Wojtek has a beautiful, low, velvety voice; he sings with a drive, swings and improvises gloriously. I bode great success to him and I’m proud that we have such a remarkable, talented vocalist. I must add, that phenomenal pianist Paweł Tomaszewski, who is the other half of this duo, must be a great inspiration for Wojtek.”

Mieczyslaw Szczesniak – “Attention: it’s a duo of the year!!! Piano and voice – Tomaszewski and Myrczek. Pure joy, originality and musical eloquence – in ambitious but light form. Wojtek Myrczek is a vocalist destined by the Creator and nature to sing. Paweł Tomaszewski’s playing is of utmost fineness. Check it by yourself and you won’t be disappointed. Myrczek & Tomaszewski Duo is “Unforgettable”. The album of this autumn is “My One And Only Love.”

Krzysztof Herdzin – “This is an extraordinary CD for an “ordinary” duo. Distinctly prepared arrangements create surprisingly diverse performances, which are brimming with different elements extending possibilities of piano performance and human voice. Perfect technique and imagination of Paweł Tomaszewski enraptures again. Flexibility and freedom of Wojciech Myrczek’s voice is astonishing: he is as credible epigone of Sinatra as well as continuator of stylistic line charted by McFerrin, or contemporary mainstream from Kurt Ellings. Piano, the singing of bass lines, diversified textures, styles, re-harmonization of jazz standards – it all captivates listeners’ attention from the very beginning and till the end, delighting the ear and leaving us with a need for more. I ask for more!”

Krzesimir Dębski – “This is a revelation on our market! Two incredible, equally gifted musicians with a lovely repertoire. Instrumental vocalist and singing pianist in amazing duets. Just when one could think, that everything has been done in that musical genre.”

Adam Baruch, Jazzis Ltd. - “The music this album offers is nothing but pure joy, elegance, and class, all of the highest quality. It is definitely one of the best releases of 2014, which should stay with the listeners for many years to come.”

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