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Pawel Tomaszewski Trio is a group of outstanding instrumentalists who were invited to play with renowned Polish and world-class jazz musicians at the beginning of their career. Their music is a result of experience gained at the side of masters of the genre, and their own vision and artistic concepts, and has characteristics of contemporary approach to the form and improvisation built on European and American jazz traditions. The band draws inspiration from various music genres, which you can hear in Trio’s original compositions and arrangements.

Pawel Tomaszewski Trio will soon release the second studio album. In addition to original compositions of the bandleader, the album will include jazz standards and pop music in new arrangements. The recording took place in Alvernia Studios, one of the best audio and film studios in Europe.

Trio’s music displays a wide stylistic diversity – from rhythmically intense pieces to deep, sensual ballads.

Limitless by Pawel Tomaszewski

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